Production &
Corporate Social Responsibility

We truly believe that it is important to act as a responsible business when it comes to sustainability.

Every day we strive to improve our sustainable & social performance. We have a long track record within green solutions and are very proud of our accomplishments. Most of our L.E.A.N production lines are made with eco-friendly fabrics, with the smallest environmental footprint as possible.

Our factories and supply partners are following the international initiative, besides also complying with customer specific audit programs.
We are used to working with different organic fibre, fabric, dyestuff & print suppliers.
Feel free to test our knowledge and capabilities.

We have a vision to become 100% carbon neutral
and work hard everyday for this to happen.

Delivering quality products to our customers is of utmost essence to us. Being able to do so requires a strong supply chain & knowledge.

Our production setup is based on LEAN principales – hence we consider the 5S model in all aspects of the production. Having a LEAN production setup is moreover considered as a vital part in order to get closer to our vision of having a Co2 neutral textile production.

Besides new and modern machinery – we recognize that our employees are the most important asset. We believe that skilled & motivated employees in our production is key for delivering quality products to world leading fashion brands.

Anders Wander
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